To you

Sometimes I hate being here Other times I love it Everyone here is so negative Negativity kills me Bringing back so much shit You all make me hate everything here Make me hate myself, only around you Around me and others I love myself I'm happy You make me hate myself You out of all... Continue Reading →


Its truly amazing It comes in different shapes and forms You will go through hard seasons It will eat you up It will bleed you dry Don’t worry Its bringing you something better So suffer if needed Cough it out Bleed it out Cry it out Feel it. Love will love you back It will... Continue Reading →

We don’t have to be ordinary

You are you There's only one you Be yourself its the most attractive People will try to change that, Make sure they don't take that. Love yourself You are amazing You are unique You are different You are extraordinary. So dance like theres nobody there Do what you want to You're living your own life... Continue Reading →


You made me feel selfish You made me feel like I’m spiteful - unkind You made me feel like I wasn’t human for my moodiness You made me feel like I’m stupid You made me feel unloved. I thought family meant to support and love I thought I was part of something that couldn’t be... Continue Reading →

Relax, it’s the only way

We live in a world where we're constantly reminded or told that we need to treat life as a competition, to be better to be the best. Always compete always strive to be the best. We as human beings are defined by our experiences and choices rather than results and where hard work gets us... Continue Reading →

Holding on and letting go

I’ve decided to let go, only thing is its not quite what I thought it would be. People always say you decide whether to let go or whether to hold on, and that once you do decide to let go its done. You’ve let go or you will feel so much better like a weight... Continue Reading →

How your energy affects everything you do

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about energy, something I’ve always thought about but recently started to think A LOT more about. I grew up in a house where my family does not believe in manifestation, energy, attracting things from the universe or any of that. But I weirdly enough ALWAYS believed in that. Ever... Continue Reading →


Are you there? *10 min later* … Can we talk? I need to talk. *3 hours later* … You know actually um never mind, forget I said anything 🙂 *1 min later* Okay.       Why? Is it that you’re busy? Or is it that you were tired? Or just be honest, you just... Continue Reading →

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